Shayne Veramallay

Co-Founder & Managing Partner at CARBON Group Global Director of Startup & Investor Services at Perkins Coie

Shayne is a Director of the Startup & Investor Services at Perkins Coie, which focuses on helping startups fundraise and scale. His background in venture capital, private placements, startup operations, advisory, and M&A spans multiple sectors including impact, education, IT, industrial, advanced materials, and life sciences. He was a former investment banker at Salomon Smith Barney, a Venture Capitalist at NJTC Venture Fund, led a spin out of the Blackstone Group called iLevel Solutions, a VP at JPMorgan, and is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner of an impact investment group called CAЯBON. He consults with numerous startups on deal structuring, syndication, strategic development, and alternative financing. Mr. Veramallay also actively engages youth through guest lecturing appearances at universities and high schools on social entrepreneurship and how to create impact.

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